Our Ingredients


Already well-known for its healing properties, the hydration-packed aloe leaf soothes and smooths lackluster locks, restoring the essential moisture balance of your hair. It’s all about balance.


Not only good on toast, Avocado is full of vitamin E that helps revive heat-damaged or stressed-out hair. It adds moisture without weight, soothes split ends and soaks into hair cuticles to forge the strong, luscious locks of your dreams. 


The fatty acids and rich vitamins found in coconut oil protect and moisturize hair during the cleansing ritual. Coconut binds to hair proteins and helps remove dirt and excess oils—without stealing your hair’s natural beauty.


Superfoods are for your hair, not just your diet. Hydrolyzed quinoa has been used for centuries to revitalize and repair hair strands from the inside out, proving once and for all that sometimes, nature knows best.


Rather than roasting to soft, gold perfection, our Marshmallow root extract acts as a ceramide precursor, forming a barrier layer that locks in hydration and keeps your hair silky from roots to ends.


Extracted from the seeds of the Meadowfoam flower, this lightweight oil contains a wealth of antioxidants and fatty acids that encourage luster, moisture retention and frizz control. In other words, welcome to shiny, healthy hair.


A rich mix of fatty acids and antioxidants, Oryza Sativa is extracted from natural brown rice and offers intense UV protection along with soothing moisture and intense conditioning. It’s key for sleek, silky hair.


Pressed from the seeds of a close Sunflower relative, Safflower Oil packs a pretty punch of Oleic and Linoleic acids thatpromote your hair’s ability to retain moisture, add radiance, and protect from free radicals.


Shea butter is a superfood cocktail of vitamins A, E and F that naturally protects your hair, smoothing frizz and locking in hydration. It also shields your locks from harmful UV rays and stimulates collagen production to help you achieve that healthy hair glow.


Move over argan—marula oil boasts 67% more free-radical-busting antioxidants. Lightweight in texture yet heavy in moisture, this quick-absorbing, fatty-and-amino-acid-rich balancing oil adds hydration while sealing in hair’s existing water content, leaving each strand bouncy and reflective.


In the time it takes to say “jojoba” three times fast, this oil imbues scalp and strands with intense moisture, increasing silkiness while decreasing flaking. Vitamins C and E plus B vitamins work together to increase elasticity, curbing breakage, split ends and your sworn enemy, dryness.


Call it the “do-it-all.” Packed with fatty acids like linoleic and oleic acid, sesame oil’s emollient properties work overtime to smooth and seal cuticles, tamping down frizz while ramping up shine. These same acids also diminish scalp inflammation, help slow hair loss and ease dandruff.