Our Creator


Becker chicaiza


Becker Chicaiza is a man with global hair inspirations and singular, impeccable taste. He forms immediate connections with his team and clients alike, and builds his magnetic style empire from the standpoint of a bold creator. An artist first and foremost, he has a masterful vision for client confidence and well-being.

A man of modest origins, Becker’s career aspirations whisked him at a young age from Ecuador to Paris, where he acquired renowned celebrity clientele and firsthand runway experience with top designers. He trained under the instruction of Alexandre de Paris and was one of the first to bring Balayage French highlighting to Greenwich—but it is his inherent energy that gives Becker the ease and comfort of an expert hair designer.

Becker views clients through the eyes of a healer. Within his community, Becker works with local and underprivileged youth to inspire future talent. He uses style as a signature and possesses an innate ability to find and reflect natural beauty. From personalities to aesthetics, he is a master of true transformations. What color will create confidence? How does hair compliment personality? What style best illuminates your eyes?

His namesake product line, Be(cker) Chic(aiza), embodies these same philosophies of transformative haircare. Be Chic is a collection of luxurious plant-based formulas made from superfood ingredients, developed by Becker to truly revitalize and nurture hair from the inside out. 

Becker connects without intimidating. He listens, respects and empathizes without ever feeling insincere or inconsistent. His passion is tangible. In his own words, he has felt called to “do one thing and do it well.” And do it well, he does.